Benefits of Performing Electrical Preventative Maintenance

Property managers, facility managers, and building owners know how disruptive the loss of power can be. Being without power, heating and air conditioning, refrigeration, security, and a fully functioning facility can be more than just an inconvenience. When a building experiences electrical failure, tenants are at risk of losing information, damaging equipment, disrupting schedules, and costly downtime – all of which can lead to costly repairs or equipment replacement costs. That’s why electrical preventative maintenance is a necessary investment. While it may seem costly to perform regular preventative maintenance, it really can save you thousands in disruption and repairs.

Here are some key benefits of performing electrical preventative maintenance:

Protect Your People
Keeping employees, maintenance workers, and vendors safe should be a top priority. Faulty equipment can cause serious injury or even death.

Protect Your Equipment
Prevention is key to ensuring your property’s electrical system is operating as safely as possible.

Reduce Disruptions
Properly maintaining your systems and equipment helps to reduce any potential disruptions from loss of power.

Scheduled Downtime
Planned maintenance allows you to schedule a system outage at a time of your choosing rather than having to correct major problems resulting from an unplanned and untimely failure.

Energy Efficiency
Regularly maintained equipment is more energy efficient. Wear and tear can stress components leading to diminishing operation.

Save Money
Replacing worn equipment rather than waiting for something to break can save you thousands in repair costs.

Extend Equipment Lifespan
Extend the life of your existing electrical equipment by properly maintaining it.

In general, OlympiaTech recommends a frequency of once every three years for conducting preventative maintenance on electrical equipment although some facilities may require more frequent maintenance due to the physical environment or operational nature of the equipment. If you’d like to implement a preventative maintenance program for your property or if you have questions regarding preventative maintenance, please get in touch with one our service team members.

Daryl Sittig
Special Projects & Service Manager

Staci Revering
Service Coordinator