Lighting Efficiency Improvements and Rebate Programs

Save your Business Money with Lighting Efficiency Improvements
When you make the switch to energy-efficient lighting, it can drive long-term energy and cost savings to your bottom-line. With lighting rebates you can help lower your upfront costs and speed up the payback on a wide range of lighting efficiency improvement projects, including LED upgrades.

Upgrade your Existing Lighting System
If you’re looking to upgrade your existing lighting system, retrofit rebates can help you save on a wide range of LED fixtures, occupancy sensors, and more.

Install Energy-Efficient Lighting on New Construction Projects
If you’re starting a new construction project, you can earn rebates when you choose to install energy-efficient lighting over traditional options with new construction rebates.

If you have a current or future lighting project that may qualify for a rebate or if you have questions about rebate program options, OlympiaTech Electric can help you with the process. Just give our service team a call for assistance at 763-559-1900.