OlympiaTech to Participate in NECA Safety Stand Down for COVID-19 Pandemic

As a longtime member of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), OlympiaTech will participate in the NECA Safety Stand Down for COVID-19 taking place on April 29, 2020 to recognize its own essential workers, as well as the many electricians across the country, who continue to work on critical construction projects during the pandemic.

During the safety stand down, NECA electrical contractors across the country will review their safety protocols and jobsite conditions and bring focus to health and safety guidance offered by the Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization, and the Occupational Safety & Health Administration.

Participants of the stand down are invited to talk about their own experiences and ask questions about such things as proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and how to effectively follow social distancing recommendations.

During the stand down, workers will maintain guidance for physical distancing on the jobsite and will wear proper PPE.

NECA is the voice of the $171 billion electrical construction industry that brings power, light, and communication technology to buildings and communities across the United States. NECA’s national office in Bethesda, Md., and 118 local chapters advance the industry through advocacy, education, research, and standards development. Go to www.necanet.org for more information.