Employee Spotlight: Tanya Erickson

The driving force and momentum behind OlympiaTech Electric is our dedicated team. We are truly powered by our people. Get to know the OlympiaTech team in our employee spotlight feature. Today, we’re introducing you to our senior project coordinator, Tanya Erickson.

Describe your role at OlympiaTech with 10 words or less.
Partnering in the completion of projects on-time and within budget.

How long have you been working at OlympiaTech?
I just had my 9-year anniversary!  Some days it seems like I’ve worked here forever, other days it seems like I started just yesterday.

How long have you worked in the electrical/construction industry?
I have been around the industry my entire life but “officially” have worked in the construction industry, in one aspect or another, for about 20 years.

How did you get started in the industry?
I was born and raised an electrician’s daughter, so I guess you could say it’s in my blood.  I grew up pulling wire and putting fixtures together with my dad.

What are three words to describe OlympiaTech?
Family / Trustworthy / Integrity

What do you enjoy most about working for OlympiaTech?
The feeling that I’m not just a number within the company but rather, part of a family of friends, all trying to accomplish the same goal; successful projects = successful company.

What has been your favorite project at OlympiaTech and why?
The first that comes to mind (there have been many) is Washburn Center for Children.  My daughter works with children in the mental health field so my awareness to all the good they do was already there.  Being a part of providing a beautiful new facility to further their work was an honor. Ridgedale Shopping Center was a fun another fun project because, come on, who doesn’t like shopping?!?  And the renovation is beautiful!

What’s one tool/resource/app you couldn’t live without?
Outlook, hands down.  Some days I want to completely walk away from it as I get bombarded, but it is also my life saver.  I use it as my to-do list.  Without it and the organization it brings for me, I would probably lose my mind! Bluebeam is also at the top of my list.  I have been using it more and more and continue to be amazed at all that it can do.

What’s one thing most of your coworkers and colleagues don’t know about you?
Sadly I can’t come up with a single thing.  I think this is telling me my co-workers know waayyy too much about me!