Benefits of Performing Electrical Preventative Maintenance

Property managers, facility managers, and building owners know how disruptive the loss of power can be. Being without power, heating and air conditioning, refrigeration, security, and a fully functioning facility can be more than just an inconvenience. When a building experiences electrical failure, tenants are at risk of losing information, damaging equipment, disrupting schedules, and costly downtime – all of which can lead to costly repairs or equipment replacement costs. That’s why electrical preventative maintenance is a necessary investment. While it may seem costly to perform regular preventative maintenance, it really can save you thousands in disruption and repairs.

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OlympiaTech Electric Appoints Seaen Kosmides as Chief Executive Officer

Seaen Kosmides

OlympiaTech Electric has appointed Seaen Kosmides as the company’s chief executive officer. Ms. Kosmides has been with OlympiaTech full-time since 2001 and has held the role of vice president for the last eight years. She brings a wealth of knowledge and a diverse background to her new role of CEO having strategic leadership experience that spans finance, investments, operations management, human resources, safety, technology systems, and entrepreneurship.

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